A Time and Place called Comic Con…

July 23, 3535
Hello, Travelers!!
Today Trident and I set out in pursuit of knowledge. We will be visiting the state of California in the year 2014. We have heard of a giant annual gathering of citizens there that sounds truly amazing. It is a 4 day event filled with many opportunities for groups labeled “Nerds” and “Geeks” to mingle, collaborate on projects and share ideas. I have formulated a theory that these gatherings were the think tank for some of the great strides humanity was making philosophically in the 21st century – before the Great Quake of 2085 that destroyed most of the North American continent – but that’s old news.

So we will be hopping down in the mid afternoon and get something called our “badges” that will get us through Comic Con security posts and into the heart of this international phenomenon where we can observe how some of the greatest beings in history “networked”, sewing the seeds of peace and stability for the future of all humanity.

I am overwhelmed with the honor given to Trident and myself in receiving this assignment. Trident just wants to purchase T-shirts and get the autograph of that historical Nerdist Guru – Chris Hardwick. Her priorities continue to astound me.

The Hopper is ready (I still have not received an answer regarding the use of a newer model Hopper, so keep your fingers crossed that we arrive in 2014 at all!!) and Trident is, of course, running around trying to finish her pre-hop check list.

I will make my next entry after we have settled into 2014 and have received our “badges”. Well, maybe after we have explored a bit of 21st century socializing called “Having drinks” with some of the attendees.

Anytime, anyplace!
Curator – The Museum of Now and Then


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