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Dr. Narsil has just ordered the two of us to hop down to August 17th, 2014 to check out an ancient activity called Demolition Derby! Trident has actually done some research on this activity and decided that she not only wanted to observe this event – She wants to participate in it!! Ha! I cannot describe the joy I will feel as I watch automobiles smashing into each other with the intent to destroy. Knowing that Trident will be trapped in the midst of all this and is voluntarily taking this punishment cheers me to no end!

The mission begins in a few days. We are making preparations now. I am checking out the systems on our Hopper Medbooth to make sure it is in proper working order. She is going to need it…BUAHAHAHAHA!


Hopper Repair!

August 1, 3535

So, on the hop back from Comic Con 2014 – the hopper started vibrating and shimmying and we felt we were so lucky to actually make it home to 3535. Trident reported the issue to maintenance and they told her they couldn’t do anything about it without authorization from Dr. Narsil.

I went to Dr. Narsil and described what the hopper was doing. She just stared at me as if I suddenly had two heads. So I walked to her hover chair, grabbed it and shook it violently to illustrate more clearly the problem we were having with the hopper!

She elbowed me in the face…

When I got back from the med booth, which had to repair my busted lip, she told me she had authorized maintenance to look at the hopper. I asked her why she just didn’t let Trident and I use a newer hopper to complete our mission. Dr. Narsil glared at me and asked, “Do you want to fight about it?” I thought about it for a moment – then left.

I headed for the maintenance bay. The head mechanic met me and said we needed to take it on a test hop so he could see what was going on. I agreed and we climbed aboard.

We hopped back one year and everything was fine. The return trip however was a truly quaking experience. The head mechanic looked at me and said, “This thing needs to be recycled!”

I replied, “We need it to finish our mission! We can’t get another one. So you have to fix this one.”

He nodded , then walked over to our on board Time Phase Control Panel…AND KICKED IT! I couldn’t believe it! HE JUST KICKED IT! The risk was so amazing. We could have been dematerialized and sent out into the time stream in freaking atomic sized pieces!

I went for his throat, but he barely fought back as I continued to strangle him. Then he managed to get out the words, “Fixed it!” We both froze.

The shaking had stopped! The hopper was smooth again. And we arrived back in 3535.

I decided that I wouldn’t tell Trident how the mechanic fixed the hopper. I am afraid she might get carried away if the hopper starts to rattler again. She doesn’t have much luck around Time Phase Control Panels…

Pike out!


Mission SDCC, the Final Day!

Holy Frackers! What an amazing mission we have had. Yesterday we went to center of convention in search of some specific items to bring back for further investigation. One was “The Nerdist Hoodie” and the 2nd was a t-shirt with the image of the amazing Nicola Tesla.

Trident and I climbed out of the transport and immediately headed to Nerd HQ knowing that on the top floor there was a booth that sold the Nerdist Hoodies and there was usually no line to make a purchase – which in itself was extraordinary. We road up the “escalator” and were about to jump on the next one when we were stopped by a blue boundary…The Nerdist had shut down and gone home Saturday night. Trident and I felt totally fracked. BUT – Trident remembered that there was a booth in the center of convention itself that sold this same hoodie! So we were off!

Once inside the giant exhibition hall we began our search for the Tesla T-shirt as well. We looked everywhere and questioned many vendors and the answer was always the same, “No we don’t have any but what a great idea!” I got a little worried that I was starting to effect a timestream change – but it would be a good one so I continued on.

Then we searched for the booth where we could “score” a hoodie. We arrived at the “Her Universe” booth and there was no line!!  So we inquired about the hoodie and the merchant smiled at us and said he only had “Triple X” size left…Triple X is much too large to fit into the hopper so we accepted this small fail and the Tesla t-shirt fail and moved on.

In the afternoon we attended a dramatic presentation called “30 Minute Musicals. A group of theatrical players performed 2 musicals for us that spoofed some 20th century movies called Jurassic Park and Top Gun. We laughed until we couldn’t breath and then laughed some more. It was sensational!!

In the evening we met up with the friends we have been making this week at a small gathering we immediately dubbed, “SizzlerCon.” It was an excellent opportunity for a final discussion on the social importance of this Great Gathering for all of the attendees. We took some final selfies and hired conveyance back to our hotel.

We are about to board the hopper and head home. What a wonderful mission! We won’t tell Dr. Narsil about all the fun we had, she will want to tag along for the entire Great Gathering next time.

Until my next entry – Battle on!

Pike out.



Mission SDCC, Day 4

July 27, 2014
A very successful day at the Great Gathering of Nerds and Geeks. Trident and I arrived in plenty of time for the panel only to find out the Dr. Narsil had decided to hop down and join us! And of course she was lost in the crowds so we tried to guide her in to the Center of Convention. It took awhile but we finally met up outside the hall where the panel was to take place.

The panel was quite informative. And Trident was amazingly articulate. The response was wonderful and it was over too soon.

Then we were out about the town again and returned to NERD HQ in an attempt to participate in a really cool game called Lazertag! But when we arrived at the appointed gathering point, the game had hit capacity for the day. So we found shade and sustenance and relaxed.


Later Trident “pulled a string” and got us both tickets to the Bad Ass Women panel at Nerd HQ. The panel consisted of 6 very successful actresses of this time and they answered questions from the audience. It was a priceless insight into the relationship between celebrities and their audience. This panel was the highlight out our mission so far.


In the evening we attended a smaller gathering and were able to meet more natives and share in their drinking traditions.

It was great fun! Dr. Narsil was there as well and was successful in having her picture taken with two citizens named Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins. Her joy at getting the images captured was overwhelming.

Today is the last day and Trident and I are determined to wait in line for the Game of Thrones experience…I do not have any idea what that will entail but will report on it as soon as possible.

Battle on!
Pike out