Hopper Repair!

August 1, 3535

So, on the hop back from Comic Con 2014 – the hopper started vibrating and shimmying and we felt we were so lucky to actually make it home to 3535. Trident reported the issue to maintenance and they told her they couldn’t do anything about it without authorization from Dr. Narsil.

I went to Dr. Narsil and described what the hopper was doing. She just stared at me as if I suddenly had two heads. So I walked to her hover chair, grabbed it and shook it violently to illustrate more clearly the problem we were having with the hopper!

She elbowed me in the face…

When I got back from the med booth, which had to repair my busted lip, she told me she had authorized maintenance to look at the hopper. I asked her why she just didn’t let Trident and I use a newer hopper to complete our mission. Dr. Narsil glared at me and asked, “Do you want to fight about it?” I thought about it for a moment – then left.

I headed for the maintenance bay. The head mechanic met me and said we needed to take it on a test hop so he could see what was going on. I agreed and we climbed aboard.

We hopped back one year and everything was fine. The return trip however was a truly quaking experience. The head mechanic looked at me and said, “This thing needs to be recycled!”

I replied, “We need it to finish our mission! We can’t get another one. So you have to fix this one.”

He nodded , then walked over to our on board Time Phase Control Panel…AND KICKED IT! I couldn’t believe it! HE JUST KICKED IT! The risk was so amazing. We could have been dematerialized and sent out into the time stream in freaking atomic sized pieces!

I went for his throat, but he barely fought back as I continued to strangle him. Then he managed to get out the words, “Fixed it!” We both froze.

The shaking had stopped! The hopper was smooth again. And we arrived back in 3535.

I decided that I wouldn’t tell Trident how the mechanic fixed the hopper. I am afraid she might get carried away if the hopper starts to rattler again. She doesn’t have much luck around Time Phase Control Panels…

Pike out!


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