Mission SDCC – Day 2

July 25,2014
Trident and I really began to pick up the mood of this great gathering of Nerd and Geek citizens of the Earth. We climbed aboard the shuttle bus and were transported to the center of the convention. So many amazing and spectacular events happening. And so many citizens wearing clothing that was, we eventually found out, based on fictional characters from comic books, books, movies and television. I was attacked by a “Cyberman” while we were strolling through the exhibition hall! I did nothing to provoke him – he just came at me. I took a defensive stance and prepared to defend myself – AND TRIDENT CAPTURES AN IMAGE OF US WITH HER COMMUNICATOR!! I am under attack and she takes a picture. But it had the strangest effect. The Cyberman immediately backed off, shook my hand, and walked away into the crowd! It was astounding!

We also saw an exhibit of human zombies – people were lined up to be able to have their image captured with a zombie. Then they continued through a door that lead somewhere into the inner Zombie sanctum…Trident and I will have to explore that realm today.

We also attended some “panels.” Panels are an events where everyone must arrive at least an hour before the starting time of their panel and stand in orderly lines to wait for the door to open and allow them to enter. Everyone was so patient! I did not see a single approach to settling an argument through combat all day. And the lines were all very long. Everyone just waited their turn to enter the door and that was it. I know the 21st century United States was a very peaceful time – but the politeness and courtesy we witnessed everywhere was fascinating. Inside the panel, everyone sat in orderly rows and listened while 6-10 people sat on a stage at tables and asked each other questions. The panels we attended were very popular and very well received by the citizens from what we observed.

Today there is much more to document so I will sign off now and continue this later.

Battle on!
Pike Out


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