Mission SDCC, Day 4

July 27, 2014
A very successful day at the Great Gathering of Nerds and Geeks. Trident and I arrived in plenty of time for the panel only to find out the Dr. Narsil had decided to hop down and join us! And of course she was lost in the crowds so we tried to guide her in to the Center of Convention. It took awhile but we finally met up outside the hall where the panel was to take place.

The panel was quite informative. And Trident was amazingly articulate. The response was wonderful and it was over too soon.

Then we were out about the town again and returned to NERD HQ in an attempt to participate in a really cool game called Lazertag! But when we arrived at the appointed gathering point, the game had hit capacity for the day. So we found shade and sustenance and relaxed.


Later Trident “pulled a string” and got us both tickets to the Bad Ass Women panel at Nerd HQ. The panel consisted of 6 very successful actresses of this time and they answered questions from the audience. It was a priceless insight into the relationship between celebrities and their audience. This panel was the highlight out our mission so far.


In the evening we attended a smaller gathering and were able to meet more natives and share in their drinking traditions.

It was great fun! Dr. Narsil was there as well and was successful in having her picture taken with two citizens named Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins. Her joy at getting the images captured was overwhelming.

Today is the last day and Trident and I are determined to wait in line for the Game of Thrones experience…I do not have any idea what that will entail but will report on it as soon as possible.

Battle on!
Pike out


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