Mission SDCC, the Final Day!

Holy Frackers! What an amazing mission we have had. Yesterday we went to center of convention in search of some specific items to bring back for further investigation. One was “The Nerdist Hoodie” and the 2nd was a t-shirt with the image of the amazing Nicola Tesla.

Trident and I climbed out of the transport and immediately headed to Nerd HQ knowing that on the top floor there was a booth that sold the Nerdist Hoodies and there was usually no line to make a purchase – which in itself was extraordinary. We road up the “escalator” and were about to jump on the next one when we were stopped by a blue boundary…The Nerdist had shut down and gone home Saturday night. Trident and I felt totally fracked. BUT – Trident remembered that there was a booth in the center of convention itself that sold this same hoodie! So we were off!

Once inside the giant exhibition hall we began our search for the Tesla T-shirt as well. We looked everywhere and questioned many vendors and the answer was always the same, “No we don’t have any but what a great idea!” I got a little worried that I was starting to effect a timestream change – but it would be a good one so I continued on.

Then we searched for the booth where we could “score” a hoodie. We arrived at the “Her Universe” booth and there was no line!!  So we inquired about the hoodie and the merchant smiled at us and said he only had “Triple X” size left…Triple X is much too large to fit into the hopper so we accepted this small fail and the Tesla t-shirt fail and moved on.

In the afternoon we attended a dramatic presentation called “30 Minute Musicals. A group of theatrical players performed 2 musicals for us that spoofed some 20th century movies called Jurassic Park and Top Gun. We laughed until we couldn’t breath and then laughed some more. It was sensational!!

In the evening we met up with the friends we have been making this week at a small gathering we immediately dubbed, “SizzlerCon.” It was an excellent opportunity for a final discussion on the social importance of this Great Gathering for all of the attendees. We took some final selfies and hired conveyance back to our hotel.

We are about to board the hopper and head home. What a wonderful mission! We won’t tell Dr. Narsil about all the fun we had, she will want to tag along for the entire Great Gathering next time.

Until my next entry – Battle on!

Pike out.



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