Social Analysis – Mission SDCC, Day 1

July 24, 2014

Trident and I finally hopped down in 2014. It took forever, the time streams were packed and we could only move about 250 years per hour!! And the temperature gauge in the hopper had an attitude so it was HOT! But we finally touched down and got settled. Our first task was to retrieve the holy “badges” from the center of convention itself. This required that we wait on a very busy street corner for a large people transporter the locals referred to as a “shuttle bus”. This shuttle bus took us to the center of convention where we searched for “Downstairs Lobby D”. We found it by spotting a huge red circle with a D on it. Very clever. We pulled out all of our identification papers, happily the historical replica computer got the ancient bar codes correct, and we were swept into a huge space where we were scanned, authorized, handed the holy badges and told to have a ‘great time!” The precision and organization of the entire process was a bit exhilarating, plus they gave us a huge bag, a souvenir book, and a book that contained guides to each proposed program of the event. So much to do, so much to see and observe!

Shortly after that we were greeted by some people who recognized Trident! HA! I come to find out Trident has been to this annual human gathering before – against regulations!! But it turned out that her friends knew of a great eating establishment – and we were starving.

After that we explored the vicinity for awhile then boarded the Red Line Shuttle Bus, the color of the line of your shuttle bus is very significant, and got back to our temporary headquarters.

Looking forward to today’s potential adventures!
Pike Out!


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